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Closure of Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Jakarta

31st of october, 2017 Add : Tomasz Piętka | 16.08.2017 Closure of Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of Poland in Jakarta

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EuroCham E-Newsletter June 2017

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 10.07.2017 Eurocham

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Foreign investors home in on Poland: report

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 07.06.2017 FDI

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Poland's economy grew 4 percent in Q1, beating expectations

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 07.06.2017 economy, GDP

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Moody's raises Polish outlook

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 07.06.2017 moody's

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Poland's past 20 years marked by economic success - OECD

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.11.2016 OECD

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Poland announces business-friendly legislative changes

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 28.11.2016 business, regulation

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Polish companies at SIAL Interfood ASEAN, Jakarta, 09-12 November

Polish companies looking for importers and distributors Add : Tomasz Piętka | 07.11.2016 Polish food and beverage export offer

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Polish Companies at Cosmobeaute Indonesia 2016, Jakarta, 13-15 October

Polish companies looking for importers and distributors Add : Tomasz Piętka | 07.10.2016 Polish cosmetics in Indonesia

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At least 10,000 new jobs in Poland - deputy PM after London talks

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 employment

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Poland's spending on defence to exceed PLN 37 billion next year

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 defence

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Written contracts required before start of work as of September

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 work, employment

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Poland 39th in Global Innovation Index ranking

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 index, innovation

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White goods maker to build highest warehouse in Poland

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 electronics, white goods, warehouse

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Poland to launch Trade & Invest Agency

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 trade, investment

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Polish Boating Industry Catalogue

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 yacht

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Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.09.2016 fair, industrial

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Poland exported 20% of all EU beef shipments between January and March

Poland was the largest exporter of beef from the European Union between January and March of this year, according to figures from the AHDB (the organisation for English beef and lamb). Add : Anna Woińska | 08.07.2016 beef, export

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Foreign investments created thousands of jobs in Poland in 2016

More than 4,200 work places were created since January 2016, thanks to foreign investments in the country, the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ) said. Add : Anna Woińska | 08.07.2016 foreign investment

artykuł nr 19 PL

Polish Airlines opens chartered commercial flight, cargo transport to Bali

Add : Tomasz Piętka | 30.06.2016 transportation, airline, lot

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