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smartLEDs S2 EASY - Staircase Lighting System

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Contact person
Roman Jarocki
Phone: +48608009009

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

Smart Staircase LED Lighting System with stair controller and motion and dusk sensors. The system smoothly turns on the light on the staircase as well as performs automation of movement and dusk. The system is intended for intelligent control of multi-point LED lighting of staircase in LED lighting systems 12V DC / 24V DC with parallel lamp connection.

Supplementary information

The main elements of the system are:
(1) smartLEDs S2-P LED stair controller
(2) two smartLEDs DELTA stair motion sensors (UP and DN).

Additional equipment:
(3) Dusk sensor (built into the controller)
(4) Hermetic light probe
(5) Operation parameters configurator of 16 parameters (built into the controller)
(6) Sensors mounting accessories: a flush mounting box or 60mm flush electrical box adapter
(7) One or two additional motion sensors (MID1 and MID2) with mounting accessories, to be installed on the mid-floor, to detect movement from the mid-floor level.

DELTA sensors:
(1) Digital active diffuse optical sensor
(2) 2 modes of operation: distance and movement
(3) Narrow detection angle of 10 ° -15 °
(4) Range 30-200cm, adjustable in steps of about 10cm
(5) One-piece construction (receiver and transmitter in one housing)

More information:


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