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Polish Construction Industry

The Polish construction industry is a relevant sector of the Polish economy. It is also our export specialty, which in conjunction with an exceptionally strong correlation of the industry with the investment market and the labour market causes, that its importance must be considered outright strategic. The estimated value of the market oscillates around 40 billion euros annually. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Biotech & Pharma

The nature of research and development works, i.e. the aggregation of knowledge resources and the skillful utilization thereof, is a field of expertise of Polish scientists. Years of experience and the art of interdisciplinary thinking lead to the development of original and completely novel solutions. Particularly dynamically evolving branches of biotechnology in Poland are the so-called white and red biotechnology. Both scientific branches stimulate the growth of the Polish pharmaceutical sector exceptionally intensively, especially in the field of developing biopharmaceuticals. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Doors & Windows

The Polish woodworking industry is currently comprised of several thousand well-known and reputable companies. These organizations are engaged in production, distribution and service. In effect we proudly hold the second place among the largest markets of producers of windows and doors in Europe and the title of the biggest exporter of PVC windows and wood on the Old Continent. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Amber & Jewelry

The Polish Baltic amber is a source of inspiration for many designers and artists. It is a soft material, when compared to the hardness of other precious stones and occurs in relatively large sizes. Its properties make it possible to create daring forms, which go far beyond technological and economic constraints that are typical for diamonds and other gems. The wealth of color variations, the unique character of each stone’s pattern and the symbolic and cultural features make amber especially well predisposed for using it in contemporary jewelry. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Yachts

Today Poland’s boating industry’s production capacity reaches 22 thousand vessels annually. The domestic production of motor boats under 9 meters only yields to the production capacity of American shipyards. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish IT

The Polish market of IT-ICT services and products is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country’s economy. The Polish IT market is estimated to be worth 9 billion dollars, making it the second-largest IT services market in Central and Eastern Europe and placing it among the top twenty global markets. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Mining Industry

The fact of having deposits of raw materials that are difficult and complicated to reach influenced the development of the most modern mining technologies, which were also recognized outside Poland. Currently, every ninth machine active in the global mining process is made in Poland. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Fashion Industry

Polish companies, which produce clothing, accessories and leather goods, are becoming more and more effective in conquering foreign markets. The biggest purchasers of products of the Polish light industry are global corporations – commercial networks distributing domestic goods to markets in the whole world. However, the best Polish companies more and more often decide to produce and promote clothing, accessories and leather goods under their own brand. The consistently executed foreign policy of producers of high quality clothing, the most fashionable accessories and unusually elegant and exclusive leather goods, causes Polish export specialties to be accessible in boutiques on the streets around the world. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Medical Device and Measuring Equipment Industry

Inventiveness has always been a Polish area of expertise. This is why it is not surprising, that our country actively participates in researching new technologies, that are designed with the most innovative patents and discoveries of the medical sector. Technological development, the possibility to help patients more fully, wide access to new forms of treatment, prevention, and saving human lives, are all based on the ability to properly take advantage of the unusually broad achievements of Polish science. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Furniture

Poland is a power of the global furniture industry, as 9 out of 10 products made in this country end up in living rooms, offices, kitchens and gardens of clients around the world. Due to their popularity we hold the third place among furniture suppliers on the markets of the European Union. This success is also depicted by the fact, that we are the fourth global power in this sector, and our export quantities only yield to those of China, Germany and Italy. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish cosmetics industry

Due to their high quality and unparalleled ability to define tastes and needs, Polish beauty and make-up products, perfumes and eaux de toilette, hair care and shaving products and deodorants are conquering global markets. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Food & Drinks

Poland is a globally recognized food producer, because the country has perfect environmental conditions, predisposing it to obtaining healthy and unusually tasty products. Ecological farming is developing all across the country, which can be evidenced by a dynamically increasing rate of newly established, innovative ecological farms. In recent years their number has been systematically growing at a rate of 15-20% annually. This intensive growth caused the area of ecological farming land to increase almost nine fold in the years 2003-2010. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Medical Tourism

Due to a number of favourable factors, such as the country’ s location, a growing number of hospitals, clinics and airports near the medical facilities, Poland is rising to be one of Europe’s leaders in medical tourism. The high quality of Polish healthcare caused, that patients from many countries are eager to benefit from the services of our hospitals, clinics, sanatoria and spas. Their wide offerings include among others: cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the locomotor system, treatment of obesity, cleansing the body of toxins, or treatment of rheumatic diseases. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Industry of the Protection and Preservation of Historical Monuments

The fascinatingly colourful, but also exceptionally turbulent history of Poland has contributed to the rise and development of an unusually broad, complex and interdisciplinary export specialty – the protection and preservation of historical monuments. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 19.12.2015 Indonezja

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Polish Defence Industry

The innovative equipment produced in Poland and the latest communication and information technologies, such as software radio stations, or data transfer devices in military vehicles, have been acknowledged on internationally and are storming military markets around the world. Add : Piotr Sajdak | 17.12.2015 Indonezja

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